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The 3-Pillar Foundation of our virtual wellness studio makes wellness a simple and easy part of your daily life. 
Breathwork that transforms
Simple yet specific breathwork sequences that completely transform your mindset, perspective, & presence in life.
Movement designed for you
Learn to connect with your body, let go of self-judgment, & modify to your level of practice with support from our expert instructors. 
Meditation for everyone
Guided meditation practice that teaches you how to simply relax, rewires conscious & subconscious thoughts, & reduces mental stress.
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By combining breathwork, movement, & meditation, our members experience...

  • ​INCREASED ENERGY: More energy, productivity, & vitality!
  • ​​BETTER FLEXIBILITY & MOBILITY: Move with decreased pain, increase range of motion, & enjoy feeling youthful again!
  • ​LESS DEPRESSION: Experience less depression, anger, & mood swings!
  • BETTER COGNITIVE FUNCTION: Improve ability to concentrate & think with less "brain fog"!
  • ​HEALTHIER LIFESTYLE: More motivation for exercise, healthier eating habits, & mindfulness!
  • IMPROVED QUALITY OF LIFE:  Deepen relaxation, peace, confidence & compassion!
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AVO Social Wellness Club is more than just a virtual studio.
Craving community? Looking to be inspired? 

Our team of NetworkSpinal practitioners & certified yoga instructors support & encourage you through breathwork, yoga, meditation, & energetic healing. Whether we connect virtually or at our Buckhead Atlanta location, we are excited to empower you to transform your life through health!
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What can you expect inside the AVO Social Wellness Club?
  • LIVE Breathwork, Movement, & Meditation Classes: Join LIVE classes or watch the replay anytime & anywhere, making wellness easy & convenient!
  • Weekly Coaching Calls: Get all of your questions answered & receive one-on-one guidance to obtain desired results with your instructors!
  • ​24/7 Online Accountability Group: Get support & encouragement to hold you accountable & become a member of our conscious community. 
  • Personalized Sessions: Every session is customized with modifications for all levels!
  • Nutrition Support: Whole-food nutritious recipes & tips that taste delicious, nourish & heal the body. 
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Check out what people are saying about AVO?

-Dante R, Member since Nov. 2019

"Finding yoga has changed my life."
-Tayani S.
"At 55 I thought I was to inflexible for yoga, but I'm down over 10 pounds, have more mobility, and think with more of an open mind!"
- Randall, Member Since 2019

- Gina D, member since Sept. 2019

"I felt alone on my healing journey, I didn't know a community like this existed in Atlanta. I am so grateful for finding AVO; they are my family away from home! 
- Lauren S., Member Since 2019
"AVO Yoga is far more than a workout! It is a community of friends who grow together mentally, physically and spiritually!"
- Renee J.
"AVO has taught me that less is more. They taught me how to honor my body and accept myself right where I am at today. Each class I have a takeaway I can apply to my daily life.
- Suzanne, Member Since 2019
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